Project’s roots

It all started in 2015 when we had the chance to live several months in Asia where we discovered some signature dishes from Taiwan, Korea, Thailand and Cambodia. This rekindled Antoine’s childhood dream of opening a restaurant. 

Back in Belgium we began preparing our first homemade dim sums and wanted to try something different by mixing famous Asian recipes with our beloved dumplings. The only rule :  everything had to be homemade, from dough to filling. 

Over the last months we found our name: Dim Yum! “Dim” is of course a reference to dim sums and “Yum” to Yum Cha (the Cantonese tradition of eating dim sums with tea). In our case, Yum can also refer to Yummy!

Our logo reflects our approach towards dim sums. We do not go for the traditional way but we offer something never seen before: original, fun and colorful! If you look closely, you’ll find all our ingredients in our logo.

The man behind the scene

Antoine is leading this project, supported by his family. It’s not a secret for anyone knowing him that he loves cooking (and eating!) recipes from all around the world, even tough Asian dishes remain his guilty pleasure. 

Food is about sharing so now that his friends and family are fed up of eating he had to find a new audience.

Opening a restaurant was thus the only solution…

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